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Tacwise Nail Guns & Staplers

Tacwise Pro Staple Remover.Tacwise Pro Staple Remover.

Grips and retains staples while removing, Ideal for removing staples from panelling, insulation,
 upholstery and carpet underlay.
(Code: 0206)
£ 1.72
Tacwise Master Nailer Duo 35 ElectricTacwise Master Nailer Duo 35 Electric
Fires up to 30 fasteners per minute with nails up to 35mm and staples up to 30mm.,
removable non-markung nose, reload indicator and carry case.  
Perfect for second fix jobs such as flooring, panelling, skirting, architrave and more.

Takes 91/15 - 30mm Staples, 180/15 - 35mm Nails.
Side loading magazine,
Capacity :
100 staples or 100 nails
(Code: 1165)
£ 81.58
Tacwise Master Nailer Duo 50 ElectricTacwise Master Nailer Duo 50 Electric.

The world's first corded 50mm nailer and 45mm stapler,
the Duo 50 is a high spec tool that's loaded with extra features.

Takes 91/20 - 45mm Staples. 180/20 - 50mm Nails.
100 Staples or 100 Nails
Up to 25 Fasteners per minute
Removelable Non-Marking Nose
Reload Indicator
Sideloading Magazine
(Code: 1166)
£ 111.43
Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail GunType Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun : Delivering the closest to air tool performance in an electric nailer. 
Six lengths of nail up to 40mm.
New quick release nail gate.

500/15-40mm Angled Nails

(Code: 0733)
£ 96.41
Tacwise Pro Electric Nailer/Stapler 191EL Tacwise Pro Electric Nailer/Stapler 191EL.

Firing six different lengths of nails and four different lengths of staple,
191EL Pro is a nailer and stapler that's perfect for a wide range of fixing applications.

Takes 91/15 - 30mm Staples. 180/15 - 35mm Nails.
(Code: 0326)
£ 61.31
Tacwise 140ELS Electric Nail/Stapler Tacwise 140ELS Electric Nail/Stapler :
Suitable for professionals such as general builders and tradesmen.
Taking the popular 140 flat wire staples and 180/15mm nails.

140/6-14mm staples, 180/15mm nails.
(Code: 0274)
£ 25.33
Tacwise A11 Hammer Tacker Tacwise A11 Hammer Tacker (140 Type)

Slap hammer with few working parts for years of trouble-free use.
For securing flooring underlay, plastic sheeting and breather membrane.

Takes 140/6 - 10mm Staples. Magazine Capacity 150 Staples.

(Code: 0322)
£ 19.48
Tacwise ABS CT-45 Cable TackerTacwise ABS CT-45 Cable Tacker.

Lightweight construction, Perfect for telecommunications, alarm, and low voltage cables.

Takes CT45/8 - 10mm or CT60/10 - 14mm Cable taples
(Code: 0320)
£ 18.84
Tacwise Combi TackerTacwise Combi Tacker
(Code: 1153)
£ 25.67