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Brother P-Touch Machines

Brother P-Touch PTM95Brother PTM95 Handheld labelling machine, 12 character by one line LCD display, Two line, nine font styles, underline printing, vertical printing, DECO mode for creative labelling, over Two Hundred built in symbols, complete with one MK221S tape

9mm/12mm MK Tapes
(Code: PTM95)
Brother PTP750WThe new Brother PT-P750W workplace label

printer offers the next level in connectivity, with

added portability. Creating labels up to 24mm

wide, this compact, versatile device has

applications in almost every work environment


(Code: PTP750W)
Brother PT-D450VP P-Touch Labeller

The Brother PTD450VP. Desktop,label printer. High resolution backlit monochrome LCD display with easy-to-read text and the ability to preview your label before printing,  Get creative, with customised labels printed direct from your PC. Logical Step Edit, Easily edit a label using the one touch keys assigned logically from left to right, Easy to locate the function that you need, PC Connectable, Compatible with PT-Editor 5.1 Windows & Mac drivers available, Horizontally wider PC style keyboard, Easy to type like on a PC

Multiple power options, High Speed Print 20mm/second print speed (Max),

Supplied with an AC adaptor . Also works with 6 AA batteries (not supplied)

Includes AC adapter, USB cable
& 18mm Black on white Tzetape (4m)


(Code: PT-D450VP)
Brother PTD600VP P-Touch Labeller The Brother PT-D600. Ideal for all your office labelling needs with High resolution colour LCD display, easy-to-read text and the ability to preview your label before printing. Horizontally wider PC style keyboard easy to type like on a PC. Multiple power options supplied with an AC adaptor . Also works with 6 AA batteries (not supplied).
Convenient and professional auto cutter, Increased efficiency, Prevents mis-cutting, Precise cutting edge. One Touch function key for ease of use. One look Edit Preview the label on-screen with the actual resolution that it will print, Customer can see the whole label image as they edit, TZe colour detection, PC Connectable, Compatible with PT-Editor 5.1, Windows & Mac drivers available.
High Speed Print 30mm/second print speed (Max), High Print resolution. This mode creates crisp text, graphics and barcode labels when you connect with your laptop.

Includes AC adapter, USB cable
& 24mm Black on white Tze tape (4m)
(Code: PTD600VP)
Brother PTD210VP Labelling MachineBrother PTD210VP Labeller, QWERTY keyboard, 16 character graphic display with label preview, print speed of up to 20mm/sec, 9 font styles, vertical text and mirror printing options, complete with carry case, mains adaptor ans 1 x 12mm black on white tape. uses 6 x AAA batteries and/or AD24 mains adaptor, (Takes TZE3.5/6/9/12mm Tapes).

Complete with:
1 x 12mm black on white starter tape, Carry case, AC adaptor.
(Code: PTD210VP)
Brother PTH110 Label MachineBrother PT-H110 Label Machine,16 character graphic LCD display, qwerty  keypad, ergonomic design, manual tape cutter, cable label function, 20mm.second print speed, 15 frames, 3 fonts, 10 styles, 253 symbols, sequential numbering, vertical and reverse text modes.

(Code: PTH110)
Brother PTD800W can be used as a portable or a desktop label printer, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi enabled and USB for PC connectivity for download of symbols and logos, 14 font styles, mirror printing, up to 7 line printing, 617 symbols. complete with power supply, software, 1 x tze261 36mm black on white tape, USB cable.

Takes TZE 3.5/6/9/12/18/24/36mm Tapes.
(Code: PTD800W)
Brother P-touch E550WVPBrother P-touch E550WVP Industrial labelling machine with PC abd Wi-Fi connection.

The versatile PT-E550WVP connects in-house and on-site labelling jobs ,making it ideal for electrical contractors and professional installers that need advannced labelling with ultimate portability

Kit includes:
24mm black on Yellow strong adhesive 8m tape
12mm Black on white flexible ID tape
Li0on rechargeable battery
ac mains adaptor
Wrist strap
USB-Mini cable
Carry Case
(Code: PTE550WVP)
Brother P-Touch PTP700
          • Brother P-Touch PTP700
          • Easy connectivity 
          • Compact, elegant and easy to use
          • High speed printing up to 30mm/sec
          • Built-in cutter with auto cut feature
          • 3 power options - AC adaptor, AA alkaline battery or NiMH battery
          • Professional software - Built in P-touch Editor Lite
          • Ptouch Editor 5.1 that works on Windows® and Macintosh®


(Code: PTP700)
Brother P-Touch PTH500
          • Brother P-Touch PTH500
          • Backlit graphic display - Easy-to-read text and the ability to preview your label before printing.
          • Lots of built-in content - Customise labels using a choice of 14 fonts, 126 frames and over 600 symbols
          • PC connection - Print from a PC using the P-touch Editor software
          • Standard QWERTY keyboard - Makes typing efficient.
          • Take it anywhere - Handheld design and battery power lets you print labels wherever they are required.
          • Multiple power options - Powered by standard alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries, an optional AC adapter and Li-ion rechargeable battery (Li-ion battery standard on H500LI)
(Code: PTH500)
Brother P-Touch PTE300VP
          • Brother P-Touch PTE300VP
          • Fast and effortless labelling thanks to QWERTY keyboard, built-in layouts and 20mm/sec print speed.
          • Ideal for the clear, professional labelling of office equipment, filing, shelving, IT/electrical equipment, cables, phones, visitor badges, etc.
          • Design, view and edit your labels on the backlit graphic display, reducing the amount of labels wasted.
          • With 18mm tape and 15.8mm maximum print height, it's simple to create large, easy-to-read labels with up to 5 lines of text.
          • Comes ready to go, with 18mm black on white 4m tape cassette included.
          • P-touch laminated labels are designed to last, protecting the text thanks to water/abrasion/fade resistance
(Code: PTE300VP)